What Does “Finest Crafstmanship” Mean to Us?

Power Tackle Rods are made with love and care by pro fisherman for pro fisherman. We stand by our claim that our products represent the finest craftsmanship available and every product is backed by our 10-Day Money Back Guarantee.


How do we source our components?

All Power Tackle models have undergone tried and true testing on the lakes for strength, durability, and sensitivity. At the same time, the rods are built for comfort to help anglers through long periods of competitive fishing. We ensure that every component company we deal with is as fanatical about the quality of their products as we are with the building and assembly together of our rods. We believe that the best rod is only as good as its weakest component, so we offer no room for compromise on quality with our suppliers.


How long have we been building rods?

We’ve been building our own rods for quite some time, but have been in business building for others for over 12 years. What started as a project to help our fisherman friends quickly grew into a full-time business, and we’re still growing.


What qualities should anglers look for in a high-dollar rod?

Anglers should pick a manufacturer that never ever compromises on quality, no matter the price of the best components. Our rods use guides that are near indestructible and blanks and seats designed for strength, but which also represent the ultimate in sensitivity. We pride ourselves on second-to-none customer service and ALWAYS encourage new or existing customer to pick up the phone and talk to us. We take the time to listen to your fishing needs and try to suggest and build a rod that you will use for many, many years.


Which Power Tackle Rod is right for you? Check out our offerings today and experience the difference for yourself.