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Thanks for Buying a Power Tackle Rod!

We are very pleased that you have chosen to purchase Power Tackle Fishing rods. We have taken great care to engineer a quality product that is free from defects or failure. To back this up we offer a Warranty against manufacture defects or component failure for (1) year. It is our belief that a rod will fail due to manufacture defects in the first 90 days. Most other failures are usually due to being modified or neglected or improperly maintained.

This warranty only covers the original owner of the rod.

If damaged has occurred and you believe it to be the fault of the manufacturer, please send it back to Power Tackle, Inc 423 Co Rd 229, Richland Springs, TX 76871, along with 50.00 to cover shipping and processing. If we determine that the rod is damaged due to manufacturer defects, we will replace it with the exact same model. If the rod is determined to be damaged due to neglect or abuse, we will work with you to replace it at a cost to be determined by us. Contact Power Tackle to discuss your options: 830-734-2021.

We realize much rod damaged is caused by improperly carrying them in rod boxes or vehicles. We suggest purchasing protective rod sleeves to protect them against damage caused by rough rides.

Moving Forward

Power Tackle is in the process of building a new shop and moving from Del Rio Orders will still be accepted, but paragon production has been put on hold Until the end of January, 2017.