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Structure Fishing


Reneau Tackle rods are made for the rigors of the power fishing techniques that dominate many bass tournaments on the national scene. Whether you’re deep cranking, lobbing big swimbaits, or burning a heavy blade, each technique demands the most from both man and equipment; therefore, the right rod can make all the difference in feeling the bite and landing a big bass. A rod that is light weight, properly balanced and ergonomically designed can also lessen the fatigue factor commonly encountered after a full day of chunking and winding.


Many rods on the market may look similar; however, an understanding of how a rod flexes is critical to selecting your next rod. Reneau rods are designed with a parabolic bend that flexes throughout the entire length of the rod rather than just at the rod tip. A rod that flexes only at its tip will try and return to that position when a big fish makes a dash toward the boat, causing you to lose contact with the fish, even if only for a moment. Power Tackle rods have more than enough muscle for moving big fish out of cover, yet the flex of the parabolic action absorbs the surge of the fish throughout the length of the rod. This is an important element in landing more fish whether you’re flipping, froggin’ or a tossing a flutter spoon and is a featured design of all Reneau Tackle rods in the One and Pow-R-Point Series, as well as each of the technique-specific rods.


The rigorous demands of power fishing dictate longer rod lengths for increased leverage on the hookset and getting the fish coming toward the boat. Added rod length also assists in getting a few extra feet on a deep diving crankbait or handling the weight of a magnum sized swimbait. With rod sizes from 6’10 through 8’, the Reneau Tackle lineup is customized to handle any technique on the water.


When a bass rod feels good in your hands, you fish harder and longer; therefore, Reneau Tackle offers two options when selecting a trigger grip to enhance your comfort level. Customers can select a unique palm support reel seat, which moves the reel seat trigger to fit behind the hand, providing more comfort when palming the reel during the retrieve. Paired with a low profile reel, this feature reduces hand fatigue over the course of a long day on the water. Or, choose a traditional Fuji ACS reel seat with grooves cut into the handle for a secure ergonomic feel. The blank-thru design also allows maximum sensitivity for detecting those subtle bites. Additionally, each Reneau Tackle rod has split foam handles for added comfort and minimal weight. Each rod utilizes premium recoil guides that stand up to the extreme loads of power fishing and big fish. Finally, every Reneau Tackle rod is hand crafted right here in the USA. You push yourself hard on the water. You owe it to yourself to invest in a premium rod that delivers on every cast!