Report: Bass Open at Smith Lake

Wanted to share a report from the Bass Open on Smith Lake, Alabama. Our final results were not indicative of our practice and how many fish there are to catch there.

We have never fished here before so the information we got was that we will be fishing for spotted bass and the main gear would be of the finesse kind… not our favorite way to fish but we equipped our arsenal with the finest finesse rods that Power Tackle makes: the LPC470-7’,  and for spinning gear, the TVS570-7’4” and the new lighter version, the TVS450-7’3” (coming to website soon).

Beginning practice, we fished finesse most of the first day without much success, so we went back to our preferred style of fishing: jigs, bobble heads and some cranking…success!

Using the new “The One” in 7’6” and in 7’3” we were getting hit on swim jigs, jigs and bobble heads! Nice! Even caught some flipping in flooded timber! When Tim was cranking he picked up the PLM550-7’8”, and even threw a 6” swim bait on this rod!

Of course, as has been the case all this year, first day of tourn was “blessed” by Mother Nature with storms and wind! Tim’s day was a short one and his big fish simply didn’t hit…on the co angler side, my day wasn’t much better, only boating one keeper.

Day two was a different story. Tim had a longer day to fish, stayed true to his style, and the fish came. I caught all largemouth on this day and had a better-than-average day. It was too little too late so the results were not like we wanted but learned a lot.

One of positive from day two: I was forced to fish with a shakeyhead. The PLM470-7’ made it so nice with perfect casting ability. I was able to accurately place my lure right in the juice! Love that rod!

My biggest fish was a #4+. That fish was no problem for this rod! Light and sensitive but surprisingly strong!

Tim put “The One” 7’6” to work and it never failed!

We are so excited about the Pow R Point line of rods. Their light weight, sensitivity and strength make them the kind of equipment you long for when your money is on the line, and they won’t let you down!

On a side note. The new carbon fiber grip. I hadn’t fished with one for any amount our time so I was curious how well I’d like them. Day one was a drencher so we fished wet all day. The new grip never got slick or slimy; it actually helped in the rains. My final takeaway is I don’t want anything else! 

Now that summertime and power fishing time is finally almost here, we are looking forward to getting our hands on another blank we are testing in the same line as “The One” but longer and heavier. Can’t wait to get it here! Stay tuned.