The PG104-7’6″ is also extremely versatile with applications ranging from flipping to casting Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, or football jigs. The moderate fast action of this rod will also help to absorb the head shaking jumps that create slack in your line and cause so many lost fish.

From Power Tackle Pro Ray Hanselman:

“The 104 and the 580 are two rods that can be used with the same techniques: TX rig, wobble head, football head jig, Carolina rig, small swimbaits, and shallow flipping with fluorocarbon. I will use the 580 with the lighter weight baits and line and close quarters. The 104 is ideal for slightly heavier baits and more open water and long casts.”


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14 – 25lb

1/2 oz. – 1 1/2 oz.



Moderate Fast / Medium Heavy

Fuji® ACS


Reel Seat Options

ACS, Blank through palmer


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