The LPC550 is the finest Power Tackle cranking rod ever created. These Medium X-Fast all-around crankers are great for chatterbaits and are made to cast long distances. All come with Fuji’s K Series Guides with SiC inserts. Available in three lengths:

7’10”: Super light weight in weight with unbelievable sensitivity due to the carbon fiber blank.  Tim and Ray mainly use this length for 5XD and 6XD as well as Rat-L-Trap type baits and vibrating jigs.  For those that like a longer cranking rod for super long casts.

7’6″: Same action as the 7’10″, just cut down for those that like a little less length.  Still excellent all around cranking rod, made for 5XD and 6XD as well as square bills and vibrating jig type baits.

7’8″: Also ultra light in weight, but a little stiffer than the 7’10” and 7’6”.  This length will handle 8XD and 10XD. It’s also very good for rattle type lures and for ripping a Rat-L-Trap out of grass.

All Rods Backed by Our Money-Back Guarantee

  • Length
  • Line Size
  • Lure wt
  • Rod type
  • Guides
  • Action
  • Reel seat
  • Flat Rate Shipping

7’6″, 7’8″, 7’10”

8 – 17lb fluoro

1/2 oz. – 1 3/4 oz.



Medium / Extra Fast

Low Profile Casting or Pamlming


Reel Seat Options

Blank through palmer, Low-Profile Casting Seat


7'10", 7'6", 7'8"

Hook Keeper

No, Yes


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